Friday, January 27, 2006

Maximo Park: "I Want You To Stay"

For the final single off of their debut album, A Certain Trigger, Maximo Park will be releasing "I Want You To Stay", which is fantastic and all, but I personally would have gone with "Picture of a Postcard". However, that's neither here nor there, as the main point of this post is to bring to your attention the group's new video for the aforementioned new single.

Director Ramon Bloomberg directs an intriguing and well-shot clip for the song, but unfortunately I can't say that it really adds much to the song or even flows with the music. I love the cinematography and lighting here, which is similar to the lighting found in Maximo's previous videos, as well as the catacomb setting, and the mysteriously limping man is somewhat intriguing, but ultimately the feeling of the song and message of the video don't really go together at all (yeah, that's a run-on sentence, what of it?). As seems to be the consensus on antville, this would have worked much better on it's own as a short film or maybe as a video for a different song, but despite the great atmosphere and setting, the video lacks cohesion with the song. One saving grace is the final scene of the video, in which the man watches himself getting beaten up by a mob of men in black trenchcoats, where the "You're always my reminder" lyric works well with the action, as does the frenetic lighting and chaotic editing. Anyway, the video still maintains (for the most part) the high standard set by Maximo Park's previous videos on this album, and is worth downloading regardless.

"I Want You To Stay" - Maximo Park
{Directed by Ramon Bloomberg}