Friday, February 17, 2006

New Kanye Video: "Touch The Sky"

As I previously reported here, Kanye is releasing/just released his brand new epic of a video for new single "Touch The Sky", which is directed once again by Ye's favorite director, Chris Milk. Milk's previous work includes the excellent videos for "Jesus Walks" and "All Falls Down" (the latter of which is my favorite hip-hop video of all time), as well as Modest Mouse's great 2004 clip for "Ocean Breathes Salty", which are all viewable in embedded Quicktime format at Milk's website here.

In an age where every single hip-hop video is exactly the same (large posse + women with exaggerated figures dancing + hot rides [somewhat optional] = every current hip-hop video), Kanye has consistently put out quality videos, and "Touch The Sky" is no exception. The video is beautifully filmed with 70's vintage cinematography and stars Mr. West as Evel Kanyeval, and focuses one the final hours before he attempts to launch himself across the Grand Canyon and literally "touch the sky". It's very well done and features a pretty decent performance by Pamela Anderson as Kanyeval's girl, a reference to the "as soon he get off, he leave your ass for a white girl" line from "Gold Digger". The video is nothing short of an extavaganza, clocking in at over five minutes (the actual song is 3:27), and easily one of the best videos put out so far in 2006. Check it out below in all it's vintage glory:

Video: "Touch The Sky" - Kanye West [highly recommended]
{Directed by Chris Milk}