Sunday, March 26, 2006

Introducing: VIDEOTEQUE

IMPORTANT UPDATE: So for those of you who were all "Awh nawh, I hate Rapidshare, this site sucks" and immediately left because of our inconvenient hosting system, we've decided to try to use ezarchive for as long as we can, so please come back, we'd like to be friends. Really.

DEREK: Welcome one, welcome all, to Videoteque, the first blog on the web devoted exclusively to downloadable (i.e. not streaming) music video content. These days mp3 blogs are a dime a dozen, and last week my grandmother even started her own indie rock blog (not true), but music video blogs, who's even heard of such a thing? ClipTip got the ball rolling with their music video-oriented site, which finds videos already available on the internet and tips off readers, and the wonderful Antville music video community does the same, but we'd like to take things one step further. Here at Videoteque we'll be uploading videos from our own exorbitantly-large music video libraries (each of us have over 1,000 videos on our hard drives) for your consumption and enjoyment, with daily updates and commentaries on each video posted. Now, if you don't mind, we'll be taking a minute to introduce ourselves. My name is Derek, I designed the header you see at the top of this page, I'm 18 years old, and I am a first-year student attending university in Charlottesville, Virginia at Thomas Jefferson's fine establishment, the University of Virginia. I enjoy both music and music videos way too much, and I've been running my own music website, Good Weather For Airstrikes, since last year. Many of you may remember my Top 65 Music Videos of 2005 post (which I've made available here also), the popularity of which inspired me to collaborate with Ben on this website. Though I was born in London and spent the early part of my life there, I've spent most of my life growing up in and around the Washington DC area. I'm ridiculously excited about the potential of this website and I hope you are too. Now I'll be kicking it over to Ben... (if this were a Disney basketball movie I'd dribble the ball between my legs then pass the ball behind my back real quick to Ben, and the camera would shift to him as he catches it all serious-like).

BEN: Hi. Wow. So this is what it's like to blog with proper punctuation. Ahem. So anyway, yeah. Welcome to Videoteque -- and let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm a 24-year old DJ/Video Editor living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I went to Queen's University where I studied film -- and learned that while I love film, I really love music (hence, my website -- Ben Loves Music) and what I'd really love to do in my life is to edit music videos together. I've put together a few mash-up music videos on my own (which will all see life here on this site at some point), and I'd say I'm the tech-geek of the two of us. Part of my DJ life actually involves using music videos to a degree, so I've got a lot of weird/old stuff, but also a lot of the newest cutting-edge stuff, which is pretty sweet. Anyhow, that's all for now, so be sure to check back every day for more content, and go through the Music Video Archive on the left and check out some of your old favorites. (Dribbles once, stutter-steps, pump fakes, and dishes the ball back to Derek).

The site's name is inspired by Radiohead's "Ideoteque", and with this in mind we think it's appropriate that we round off the inaugural post by uploading a selection of our favorite Radiohead videos, in ipod-friendly .m4v and .mp4 format. We originally were going to use Rapidshare, but RS isn't exactly everyone's favorite hosting service, so we've decided to try using ezarchive for now until we figure out a long term solution. Ezarchive doesn't handle large-volume file transfer terribly gracefully, as is evident by the ezarchive crashed caused by my Top 65 Videos post last January, but that was more the result of the massive amount of people (46,000 in one day) downloading at one time. SO... without further ado, onto the downloadable video content!

The videos below are a collection of some of Radiohead's best videos, but vary greatly in terms of quality. Some are flawless DVD-rips ("Street Spirit" and "Karma Police"), while others are lower-quality MTV rips (we apologize for the somewhat shoddy sound quality on "There There"), but they're all of high-enough quality that we don't think anyone will be dissappointed. Typically we'll uphold a higher standard than this when it comes to the quality of the videos we upload, but we've found high-quality Radiohead videos to be fairly elusive, and if you have higher-quality copies of any of these videos and would like to send them to us, we'd love to have them. Enjoy.

Videos: [all iPod Compatible]
"Idioteque" (Live on Saturday Night Live) - Radiohead
{Director: N/A}
"Just" - Radiohead [highly recommended]
{Director: Jamie Thraves}
"Karma Police" - Radiohead [highly recommended]
{Director: Jonathan Glazer}
"Street Spirit" - Radiohead [highly recommended]
{Director: Jonathan Glazer}
"Knives Out" - Radiohead [highly recommended]
{Director: Michel Gondry}
"There There" - Radiohead [highly recommended]
{Director: Chris Hopewell}
"Pyramid Song" - Radiohead
{Director: Mike Shynola}
"Creep" (Version 2) - Radiohead
{Director: Corinne Day}
"Fake Plastic Tress" - Radiohead
{Director: Jake Scott}
"High and Dry" (Version 2: USA) - Radiohead
{Director: Paul Cunningham}