Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We Are Scientists: "It's A Hit" (Version 2)

This is actually the second video for "It's A Hit", the latest single from the trio's debut album, With Love & Squalor, although the first clip was more of a humorous teaser for the main video, and it can be streamed here (Windows Media Player) or here (Real Player). We Are Scientists are one of those bands that's eventually planning to release an entire DVD of music videos, a concept I love that has gotten a lot of publicity thanks to Death Cab's Directions series (which is currently available in it's entirety on iTunes and will be made available in stores next week). Here's what We Are Scientists have to say regarding music videos and the teaser clip for "It's A Hit".

And of course, creatures of rigid habit that we are, we shot another video. This one's for "It's A Hit", which will be our next single in both the U.S. and the U.K., and will be out around the beginning of the year. Didn't we already shoot a video for It's a Hit? For the DVD? Yes we did. But you can never have too many videos, and you can never have enough videos, and so by this time next year we'll probably have shot half a dozen videos for every song on the album. Which has never been done before, supposedly.

I can't agree enough with their "you can never have too many videos" mentality, and I love that more and more bands are picking up on this. As for the new video in question, the big(ger)-budget clip for "It's A Hit" did see an eventual release earlier this year, and it's more of the same humorous video content we've come to love from We Are Scientists. The band themselves come off as natural comedians, but one of the reasons their videos are so enjoyable are because their directed by Akiva Shaffer of The Lonely Island, whose best known for his work (along with Jorm and Andy - the other two members of The Lonely Island) on SNL's "Lazy Sunday" and the recently-hyped Natalie Portman rap, as well as his videos for the Scientists' "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" and "The Great Escape". Akiva returns here in great form working with his biggest budget yet on "It's A Hit", which revolves around the rise and fall of a champion boxer, played by lead singer Keith Murray. His wins his first two fights with ease, against drummer Michael Tapper and bassist Chris Cain (respectively), but when a child comes to see him fight from ringside as his dying wish things don't go quite as planned. Another great video from We Are Scientists and the consistently-hilarious Akiva Shaffer; check out the reviews and advice sections of We Are Scientists website for more hilarity.Video: [iPod Compatible]
"It's A Hit" - We Are Scientists [highly recommended]

In other We Are Scientists news the band recently released "It's A Hit" as a UK and US single, which charted as high as #29 on the UK chart, and will be re-releasing "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" as their next single in May. Finally, if you're planning on seeing them live anytime soon, be sure to follow their recommendations for how to best view the show (taken from the advice section of their website):
  • Melt your mind beforehand: Come to the show your mind already molten, your intentions shattered, your inclinations and desires bone-broken and reduced to mush.
  • Eat a good meal that evening: The wrong way to watch We Are Scientists -- the very exact wrong way -- is tummy a'rumble.
  • Bring your own hair: We don't provide hair.
  • Above all come to the show with an open mind and a sincere desire to have a great time because we are going to bring the rock and make you feel great about yourself and your friends and parents and life and the fact that your dog got lured by the neighborhood perv into a thresher where he got flung -- thousands of strands of him, like 1500 pieces of wet uncooked bacon -- all over the driveway! Which you later had to clean up cuz your parents were on vacay.
Enjoy the video, and keep your eyes out for the complete We Are Scientists videography here in the near future.