Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Album Leaf: "On Your Way"

So this is the first in what will most likely become and ongoing series of cross-promotions with my other site, Good Weather For Airstrikes, in which videos will be posted here in conjunction with mp3s and profiles of the same artist over on GWFAS.

First up is The Album Leaf, the blissful electronic project of Jimmy LaValle. You may remember The Album Leaf's "Twentytwofourteen" from the All Things Go's much-loved Sleep Mixtape and as a recurrent musical theme on the final episodes of The OC's second season last year, but "Twentytwofourteen" only scratches the surface of LaValle's musical ability. Those who are familiar with the rest of The Album Leaf's recorded work, especially last year's In A Safe Place, are aware of the extent of LaValle's creative brilliance, and for more convincing evidence of this just check out the downloadable content in Everett's artist profile of The Album Leaf here.

The video for "On Your Way" is nothing amazing, but it's a well done, well-animated, adorable video that perfectly fits the song. The animators from Fluorescent Hill do a nice job of timing the beats within the music to the animation, something I always love to see in videos, and create the lush forest environment that is always evoked (for me at least) by The Album Leaf's pristine music. Remember to check out Everett's artist profile on The Album Leaf for info and more mp3s for download!
.MOV: "On Your Way" - The Album Leaf
"On Your Way" - The Album Leaf [iPod Compatible]
{Directed By: Fluorescent Hil}

...and, since it wasn't posted on GWFAS, here is the mp3 of "On Your Way" for you to download if you's so inclined.

MP3: "On Your Way" - The Album Leaf

Between these two posts they've got the majority of the Spoon videography covered (if anyone has any Spoon videos other than the four they have and "I Turn My Camera On", I'd love for you to send them my way), so be sure to check them out.