Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boards of Canada: "Dayvan Cowboy"

The first-ever official video from those mysterious Boards of Canada fellows gets their music video career off to a great start, as their hotly-anticipated video for "Dayvan Cowboy", directed by Melissa Olson, is incredible and certainly one of the very best of 2006 so far. "Dayvan Cowboy" is my favorite Boards of Canada song, and it always evokes a strong feeling of exploration for me, and the video embodies this exact same feeling. Compiled of brilliantly-composed stock footage (why am I not surprised that Boards of Canada are collectors of stock footage), everything really works well together in sync with the song. Antville user vidbot puts it best in his response to the video: "There is no overarching artistic message in this video, you're just meant to go with it. Its about pure sensation - visceral, tactile real world input that overwhelms the senses and goes beyond verbal or written explanation. Consciousness-expanding euphoria". Sounds good to me, check it below for yourself in .mov or .mp4 format.

Video: [highly recommended]
"Dayvan Cowboy" - Boards of Canada
.MP4: "Dayvan Cowboy" - Boards of Canada [iPod-Compatible]
{Director: Melissa Olson}

Also, Warp has made the video available in wmv format as well, for those who prefer Windows Media Player, and you here's the download link for that as well: "Dayvan Cowboy" (WMV)

Also, tomorrow the first-ever Videoteque Videomix is released, in commemoration of the 4/20 national "holiday". "Dayvan Cowboy" is prominently featured on the mix, which also features some of my all-time favorite videos, so prepare your self for some serious "consciousness-expanding euphoria" once again.