Monday, April 17, 2006

John Vanderslice: "Exodus Damage"

One of the best and most overlooked videos of 2005 was Brent Chesanek's beautiful video for John Vanderslice's "Exodus Damage", which was the best song on the man with the best name in indie rock's 2005 release, Pixel Revolt. The video garnered the #34 spot on my Top 65 Videos of 2005 list, and is a beautifully-shot, low-budget masterpiece. Chesanek's stirring clip revolves around a boy walking through America, with poetic shots of the industrial and natural beauty of America spliced throughout. I really like the washed out, retro feel of the cinematography, and the still shots of the US are just breathtaking. The 9/11 theme of the song is reflected beautifully in the video, but I can't figure out if the kid's a terrorist and he's plotting things to blow up or if he's trying to solve a mystery or what. I just really love the look of this clip, and I think it represents the song perfectly. Head over to Good Weather For Airstrikes for lots of mp3s from Vanderslice (here), or just download the video below.

Video: [highly recommended]
"Exodus Damage" - John Vanderslice
.M4V: "Exodus Damage" - John Vanderslice [iPod Compatible]
{Director: Brent Chesanek}

According to Vanderslice's website, Chesanek has just completed another "mind-blowing" video for "Trance Manual", the other standout track on Pixel Revolt, which V-Slice said he will "post as soon as [he] can" a week and a half ago. Color me excited.