Thursday, April 13, 2006

The New Pornographers: "Sing Me Spanish Techno" & The Knife: "Pass This On"

After their horrendous last video for "Use It", the first single off of last year's fantastic Twin Cinema, The New Pornographers return here with their second video off of that album, for "Sing Me Spanish Techno". Gone are the low-budget bumblings of "Use It" in favor of a much more polished, more clever video for "Spanish Techno" starring a drunk A.C. Newman along with Juanita More and Michael Venus, legendary drag queens from San Francisco and Vancouver, respectively. Mildly disturbing and somewhat unsettling, you're all "Omg does that guy know that shez a drag queen?!1!?!" thinking he's going back to "her" place to hook up with her, but then in actuality he's just getting an extreme drag queen makeover.
.MOV: "Sing Me Spanish Techno" - New Pornographers
"Sing Me Spanish Techno" - New Pornographers [iPod Compatible]
{Director: Michael Palmieri}

This idea has been touched on before in music videos, most notably in Johan Renck's incredible video for The Knife's "Pass This On", which utilizes this concept to a much more jarring and intense effect. In "Pass This On", Renck directs a mesmerizing clip that revolves around a singing drag queen performing at a depressing and dingy Stockholm rec center, full of men who appear to be on the verge of breakdown. Renck does a wonderful job creating tension between the audience and the performer, and "Pass This On" ultimately comes across as a more intense (and better) version of Michael Palmieri's video for "Spanish Techno". For a great interview with Renck, in which he discusses the filming of "Pass This On", as well as a downloadable videography of his work, check out Director File's Q&A with Renck here.
"Pass This On" - The Knife [highly recommended]
"Pass This On" - The Knife [highly recommended] [iPod Compatible]
{Director: Johan Renck}