Monday, April 17, 2006

Sigur Rós: "Saeglopur"

After waiting on pins and needles for months, my eyes were finally graced by the beauty that is Sigur Ros' latest video two weeks ago (I'd meant to stop the presses and post it immediately, but I got caught up in other endeavours). "Saeglopur" marks the first time Sigur Ros, a band who clearly values their music videos and cinema as an art form - as is evident by the extremely high standard all their videos uphold, directs their own video, with help from animation specialists The Mill. The video for "Saeglopur", which translates in English to either "lost at sea" or "sea-wanderer" was described as a "sea-faring epic" by the band on their site months ago and the clip is just that. The video opens as a mother watches her son wading into the ocean from the shore. Once in the water, the boy dives under and discovers a lush underwater environment rife with intimidating sea creatures, and he's chased by a tentacled creature to what he presumes is safety, only to get tragically tangled and caught in the seaweed.

The entire video has a wonderfully ominous, murky and grainy feel, and the animation is superb on The Mill's part, all adding up to the sad atmosphere in which the video takes place. Everything is timed perfectly with the rhythm of the music - the boy's submergence underwater as the percussion comes in, the uplifting strings as the bubbles rise up and clear to reveal a scuba diver in the water, and the video just works really well as a whole. While many have expressed disappointment with this, Sigur Ros' first foray into the technical side of music videos, but I feel it's easily in the top ten videos of the year so far.

For much more specific information and insight into how exactly the video was created, hit up this article posted on The Mill's website here.

Video: [highly recommended]
.MPEG: "Saeglopur" - Sigur Ros
"Saeglopur" - Sigur Ros [iPod Compatible]
{Directed By: Sigur Ros}