Friday, April 07, 2006

Three New Franz Ferdinand Videos!

Franz Ferdinand are back with their latest offering, The Fallen EP, which features two new songs, "L. Wells" and "Jeremy Fraser", the first new material they've released since You Could Have It So Much Better dropped last fall. However, not only is this great news for FF fans, but it's also great news for videophiles like you and I, as the group have not only released a video for "The Fallen", but they've also released brand new videos for "L. Wells" and "Jeremy Fraser" as well. You can download them as .mov files below directly from the Domino Records site, or you can scroll all the way to the bottom and grab the videos in iPod compatible .m4v format.

Alex & Martin's clip for "The Fallen" is the only one of these three videos that's not new, as it was released last year in conjunction with Franz Ferdinand's release of "The Fallen" in the US as their second single from You Could Have It So Much Better. Interesting idea, but the video, though watcheable, gets old quite quickly, and I think the idea of the band walking in front of the video screen could have been utilized to a much better effect.

.MOV: "The Fallen" - Franz Ferdinand
{Directed By: Alex & Martin}

This is my favorite of the bunch, despite it's straightforward concept and simple execution. In Blair Young's video for "L. Wells", we follow a pretty indie girl, presumably Lynsey Wells herself, all around Glasgow as she frolics about the town. The video, shot entirely in black and white, is wonderful and fun to watch, and the way it's shot you really get the feeling that the camera crew is getting run ragged just trying to keep up with this whirlwind of a girl.

.MOV: "L. Wells" - Franz Ferdinand
{Director: Blair Young}

Scott Lyon, who also directed FF's excellent clip for "Walk Away" last year, returns to direct a very dark and creepy clip for "Jeremy Fraser", which feels much more like a Sigur Ros or Decemberists (see: "16 Military Wives") video than a Franz Ferdinand clip, what with the washed out color, it's focus on children in the schoolyard, the animal masks, and the generally creepy subject matter.

.MOV: "Jeremy Fraser" - Franz Ferdinand
{Director: Scott Lyon}

For MP3s of all of these songs and more bonus FF goodness, head over to Good Weather For Airstrikes to download them.

Videos: [iPod Compatible]
"The Fallen" - Franz Ferdinand
{Directed By: Alex & Martin}
"L. Wells" - Franz Ferdinand
{Director: Blair Young}
"Jeremy Fraser" - Franz Ferdinand
{Director: Scott Lyon}

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