Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sunset Rubdown: "Us Ones In Between"

Wow. This is easily the best unofficial video I've ever seen, created by Dan Beirne, one of the incredible writers for Said The Gramophone, which consistently features the best writing and most perfect descriptions on any blog on the internet. In fact, "blog" is nearly too silly of a word to do such a wonderful site like theirs justice, but I digress. This video is so perfect, so moving, yet it was created on what I can only assume was a negligible (if any) budget. The video opens with cars driving backwards on a rainy street, the ending to a story we'll never know, but can only infer from the credits that begin to roll immediately after. Most songs would be an afterthought for this video if the emotion of this track, from Wolf Parade frontman Spencer Krug's sparse acoustic side project, Sunset Rubdown, we'ren't so disarmingly perfect. The credits themselves... perfect, painting the complete picture of a woman's life using only small, minimalist brush strokes and the mere presentation of seemingly random facts. There's no beautiful aesthetic here, there's hardly any visual stimulation at all even, yet one finds themselves strangely enthralled and glued to the monitor until the very end. This inspires a tingly feeling of awe in spite of its next-to-nothing presentation and sparsity; all I can do is request you view it for yourself and form your own opinion.

Video: [highly recommended]
"Us Ones In Between" - Sunset Rubdown [iPod Compatible]