Monday, March 27, 2006

The Streets (Nearly) Complete Videography

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We're using Ezarchive instead of Rapishare now, woooooooo!

This is pretty funny. Apparently, The Streets have another video - one that they released today. So, here's another video by The Streets - the Professor Green remix of 'When You Wasn't Famous'. Oh, sweet irony.

The Streets, are, if you didn't know, pretty much my favorite music act on the planet. I've written about them many times over on my other site pretty often, to the point where if I met had Mike Skinner, I might go bananas, and not Gwen Stefani-levels of bananas, well beyond that.

All that aside, as far as I can tell, The Streets have thirteen videos. And I think I've collected all but one of them, but it would be nice if someone would tell me, "Ben, they have fifteen. You must not have seen the videos for 'Sharp Darts' and 'Empty Cans'." The one video I don't have is the Streets Remix of "Banquet", which is less of a video anyway and more of a documentary. It's on the Bloc Party "Two More Years" disc as an extra.

A few of these videos I have for you people are in iPod format, but the rest are in .wmv, and directly from the wonderful people at Warner and Atlantic -- in fact, you can't convert, burn, or do anything to them. Just watch. Hoo-rah.

One of the reasons I think I've become such a fan of The Streets is that Skinner refuses to hold himself back in his music; the same goes for his videos. Unlike some artists who show up for a video shoot and just star in a short movie, Skinner puts himself into the videos and you get a good idea of his personality. When he's upset over the loss of a girl in "Dry Your Eyes", you feel for him. When he's thinking about secret celebrity girlfriend while in rehab, you giggle along with the lyrics. When he's complaining about the drugs he's taken in "Blinded By The Lights", you join him in his lament. That's been Skinner's strength all along - while the beats are sometimes harsh, he's always listenable - you don't just want to listen to the music, you want to hear what his story is.

I guess I should also mention that any iPod-playable video is also at a quality well below of what you can buy from the iTunes store. In terms of music and video. And I should also mention that every single one of these videos was found SOMEWHERE on the web, all I did was just compile them.

Videos (via Rapidshare): [some are iPod Compatible]
"Blinded By The Lights" - The Streets [iPod Compatible]
{Directed by Adam Smith}
"Could Well Be In" - The Streets [iPod Compatible]
{Directed By ??}
"Don't Mug Yourself" - The Streets
{Directed By Rupert Jones}
"Dry Your Eyes" - The Streets [highly recommended]
{Directed By Johan Renck}
"Fit But You Know It" - The Streets
{Directed By Dougal Wilson}
"Fit But You Know It (MC Remix)" - The Streets
{Directed By ??}
"Get Out Of My House (MC Remix)" - The Streets
{Directed By Alastair Siddons}
"Has It Come To This?" - The Streets
{Directed By Nick Wood}
"Let's Push Things Forward" - The Streets
{Directed By The Snorri Brothers}
"The Irony Of It All" - The Streets
{Directed By Adam Smith}
"Weak Become Heroes" - The Streets [iPod Compatible] [highly recommended]
{Directed By Dawn Shadforth}
"When You Wasn't Famous" - The Streets [iPod Compatible]
{Directed By ??}