Thursday, March 30, 2006

Final Fantasy: "The Dream of Win & Regine"

While this video came out in September of 2005, I just discovered it. Let me go back to... February 2005 for all of you. It was a cold and snowy here in the Hub of the Universe and I was freezing my nips off waiting outside for the biggest indie rock show in a long time here in Boston. I had a bunch of beers over at a local watering hole near the Roxy (where the show was). Before I was going to be emotionally smashed to pieces like a 13-year old who had just been dumped by his two-month girlfriend by the Arcade Fire, Final Fantasy took the stage. You see, I had not heard of them, and was completely unaware of how fucking good Owen Pallett was at the violin. After his 30-minute set (or so), I immediately went and bought his album and haven't looked back since. His music is so tremendously different than most that it's hard not to get hooked.

Now then. This video looks like it was shot for about $5,000, with most of those expenses being spent on film and camera costs. The plot is simple - girl works job she hates, wears headphones listening to this song on it while serving, and imagines animated unicorns, dragons, and such around the restaurant. While it's a simple concept, it works so well with the music of Final Fantasy, and specifically this song.

Do yourself a favor and wake up to this song one day. You can't go wrong with that.

Video: [iPod Compatible]