Thursday, March 30, 2006

Longwave: "Tidal Wave"

Longwave's "The Strangest Things" album was a highlight of the year 2003. It has the emotional sincerity of Nadasurf's "Let Go" album while retaining pop sensibility. In one of the more original concepts for a video that I can imagine, we join Longwave in their journey on a roller coaster. It's that simple. But what makes the video so fantastic is that it seems that when the coaster is hitting its best spots, the song is as well. I also have to wonder how many takes this took - and if the bands got sick eventually. I think my favorite part of the video is how the guy sitting next to the singer reacts to the various turns and twists on the coast - he acts so happy and so giddy at parts that it makes you recall the fun you've had on a roller coaster in your life.

Also, I've always wanted to throw confetti from a roller coaster. It just seems like it would be really fun.

Video: [iPod Compatible]
"Tidal Wave" - Longwave
{Director: Tomorrow's Brightest Minds}