Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Superimposers: "Heavy Sigh"

Simple in both design and song, "Heavy Sigh" is a very pleasant song - as I've written about on my MP3 blog, their sound is very 1960s-tinged lo-fi sound. It's beautiful music and the video itself is quite simple. It's animated and even seems to be in a bit of a loop, but that's okay - the animation is similar to the style that was used in "Float On" by Modest Mouse in that it's not your typical animation - computers were used, and it's very realistic looking. Anyhow, it's worth watching and, while I'm not out-and-out condoning it, watching it while you're a bit high.

YouTube Link:
"Heavy Sigh" - The Superimposers
.MP4: "Heavy Sigh" - The Superimposers [iPod-Compatible]
{Director: ???}