Saturday, June 17, 2006

Classic Video - A Tribe Called Quest: "Scenario"

The Tribe's seminal track "Scenario" was accompanied by a video that was, for all intents and purposes, a visionary video that forsaw the how computers were going to change music videos and, really, our lives. Change your hair - change your skin color - change anything - a computer can do it! (Okay, maybe not. Heh.) I think part of the fun of this video is that it's so simple: they take advantage of, really, 'primitive' computer technology to do some things that hadn't really been seen in a video before (and are now seen pretty regularly).

It's still a really cool video, all these years. And it's the Tribe. AND, it was directed by Jim Swaffield, who also directed a little music video called "Trapped In The Closet" by R. Kelly. Which may just have been the craziest music video ever. Like, ever.

Video: "Scenario" - A Tribe Called Quest [iPod Compatible]
{Director: Jim Swaffield}