Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A.F.I. - "Miss Murder" (Director's Cut)

Davey Havok (owner of the coolest name in music) and A.F.I. are back with the new single, "Miss Murder", a truly terrific rock song with a brilliant video directed by Marc Webb. One of A.F.I.'s distinguishing characteristics have been their epic and grandiose videos (see: "The Leaving Song, pt. 2; Girls Not Grey), and this video is no exception. Webb's direction style, seen in My Chemical Romance's "Helena", Brand New's "Sic Transit Gloria", and The Used's "All That I've Got", is just gorgeous. This video, while having a story (something about a woman, "Miss Murder" coming to kill Davey Havok, I believe), isn't exactly a narrative like a lot of videos. But the glitz and the glam more than make up for it.

Video: "Miss Murder" (Director's Cut) - A.F.I. [iPod Compatible]
{Director: Marc Webb}