Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Streets: "Never Went To Church"

Mike Skinner's follow-up to the wholly sad "Dry Your Eyes" is his newest weepie, "Never Went To Church", a track that has taken time to grow on me. I think that this video is actually what did it for me - the track is one of his most personal, if not the most personal that he's ever written. While "Dry Your Eyes" was about an unnamed woman, this is very specifically about the death of his father and how hard it is without him - it's not a love song in the traditional sense, but rather an elegy for his Dad, who he obviously loved.

The direction of the video is gorgeous. Unfortunately, despite my scouring the internet, I can't find out who directed it. MVDBase.com doesn't have it, and the official site doesn't either. I wish I knew, because the cinematography is just phenomenal - it captures the song perfectly - the simplicity of it (how often do you watch a video with just one person in it, really?) is stunning.

Nice work. Check it out.

Video: "Never Went To Church" - The Streets [iPod Compatible]
{Director: Allan Smithee}