Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lady Sovereign: "Random"

In a music studio come to life, we find wee little Lady Sovereign spitting some of the most clever and fastest rhymes on the planet over a sirenesque type of beat. Her style comes across in this video (directed by Chris Cairns of "Disco Infiltrator" by LCD Soundsystem; "We're Here" by Guillermots) in a pretty slick way - between the spoofs on the St. Louis scene ("that churr, I mean chair"), of Jennifer Lopez, and of the idea that as a little white girl she can't spit rhymes (which, um, she definetly can. Let's put it this way - she's far better than most of those other little female MCs) - and thats sort of the appeal of the video - it's a new take on the 'bling' type of hip-hop video. And it's a riot, from start to finish. Lots of fun.

: "Random" - Lady Sovereign [iPod Compatible]
{Director: Chris Cairns}