Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Minus the Bear: "Pachuca Sunrise"

Thanks to Wendy at Toolshed for this video, as it's pheeenomenal. It's really a great video for "Pachuca Sunrise" by the Washington band Minus the Bear. The concept is brilliant - I mean who hasn't had those pill-shaped things that you put in water and have them expand into dinosaurs or guitars? They're the best things ever. When I was young, I cut my finger really bad on a pair of scissors (still have a scar on my left middle finger), and I got it fixed up. My Dad took me to the hospital, and a few days later, we had a 'vacation' to Rhode Island. I don't really remember much. I have no idea why a trip to Rhodey would be a vacation (considering it's basically the same distance as, say, Worcester), but we stayed in a hotel and I remember going to art stores in Providence at the age of 7 or 8 or 9. I know this sounds odd, but my most vivid memory of this whole situation was that on my way home from the hospital, my father took me to a store and bought me a bunch of those dinos-in-a-capsule and told me we couldn't open them until we got to Rhode Island. My sister and I sat at the bathtub and watched them expand (I remember that hotel bathroom had mirrors on both sides next to the mirror, my first memory of seeing an infinite amount of Bens in my life, something I will treasure forever. If YOU saw an infinite number of me's, you'd treasure it too).

The point is this - it's kind of funny that this video would trigger these memories, but it did. It's really well done, and beautiful looking. I guess what I'm aiming for with this post is that music videos, as a medium, can be far more emotional than, say, just the song. They can trigger different memories than a song can, and that's significant. Check this video out.

Video: "Pachuca Sunrise" - Minus the Bear [iPod Compatible]
{Director: FAD}