Sunday, May 14, 2006

Buck 65: "Kennedy Killed The Hat"

Buck 65 has been featured on this site before, with the feature on 463 (a truly fantastic video, in my opinion), but this one, for "Kennedy Killed the Hat" is just as good, albeit a scant 2:20 long. The Micah Meisner-directed clip (who also did the 463 video and the "Man I Used To Be" clip for k-os) is simple - a chase of some sort of freak (or, as the song puts it 'mu-tent-te') through the streets of an unnamed city (although I assume that it's Toronto, knowing how these people work) with truly phenomenal editing. We really never see a half-naked, mostly-shadowed Buck 65 throughout the video, and that makes for an even more interesting clip.

Normally, I wouldn't include two screencaps, but this video deserves it, to get an idea of the cinematography of the two 'sets', so to speak.

Video: "Kennedy Killed the Hat" - Buck 65 [iPod Compatible]
{Director: Micah Meisner}